Book One of The Panachrest

A loyal knight and three mercenaries – a wizard, a martial artist, and a berserker barbarian – are sent from Leon Palace by the Lord of Lectica to summon specific citizens for a service to the realm. It should be an easy enough task, but the group quickly discovers that each island of Lectica brings its own complications:

House sprites aren’t always free to leave the home. Warring clans have little interest in peace. Creatures in the woods can seduce – or worse – kill. Not all fairies are filled with stardust and kindness. Whole islands are overrun by quick-witted outlaws. There are witches in the woods and pirates on the seas. There are killer birds, sexy horses, con-wizards, and mermaids. Almost everyone is corrupt, and everyone’s got problems. Some citizens simply don’t have time or interest for a service to the realm, especially when they can’t even get an answer to a simple question:

What is the service that the Lord of Lectica wants from them?

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