“This book gets five stars because it deserves it, a book succeeds or fails on the strength of the writing, this one is very well written.”

- 5 Star Customer Review by Y Blaidd Du

“Loved this book. I loved the old school epic writing. I never knew what was going to happen…”

- 5 Star Customer Review by Teamlogan

“The multitudes of races and environments were lovely and exciting… Overall, an impressive first in the series! I look forward to picking up the second.”

- 4 Star Customer Review by Sarah S.

“The highlight of the novel has to be the interesting and different cultures spread across the islands, as well as an interesting cast of characters and mythological creatures. Each island is unique and has a different challenge for the party to contend with. At the same time, that makes the story read like a series of interconnected short stories… The artwork is well done and gives a great idea of how the author and illustrator imagine these things look. It adds a lot to the feel of the novel.”

- 3.5 Star Customer Review by Matt